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Product Description

Lotion Soap:

We carry both pink & white lotion soap.  They are soft & gentle on your skin & have a light, pleasant odour.


Solopol Cleaner:

Solopol is medium – heavy duty cleanser that is solvent free.  This product contains a biodegradable scrubber.

2000 ML/ JUG (6 JUGS/ CASE)

Estesol Cleanser:

Estesol is a light duty cleanser that is great for everyday use.  It has a light, pleasant odour and is very affordable.

2000 ML/ JUG (6 JUGS/ CASE)

Kresto Hand Cleanser:

Kresto is a heavy duty cleanser that removes dirt, grease, oil & ink.  It has a low solvent content & is gentle on skin.

2000 ML/ JUG (6 JUGS/ CASE)


Gojo hand cleansers are a popular industrial hand soap with added grit to cut through tough dirt & grease.


Soap Dispensers:

Stoko ultra soap dispenser is for all of the Stoko skin care cleansers and is easy to refill.

Standard duty soap dispensers can be used with any generic soap.  Just pour in and use.

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